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Tetris is a classic game. A game that has been played by everyone, once in their life. Spending countless hours trying to clear as many lines before being unable to control the speed of the dropping tetra blocks. The game is also a historical important game as it taught us about how not all games need a winning scenario to give enjoyment to a player.


Although there are now many variations of the game Tetris, as a game programmer I decided to recreate my own classic Tetris game. The game was programmed with C++ with the help of SDL ( http://www.libsdl.org/index.php ). The basic functionality of a Tetris game all worked, blocks dropping, blocks able to rotate both ways, borders, next block, random generator, level system depending on number of lines cleared. This Project was great to help me learn and understand the benefits of working with an Object Oriented Language.

Overall this was a very fun project to do, and I highly recommend for all present and future game developers to try on their own!


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