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“Sprout Up”, a snake-like game with flowers, lots of sunlight, horrible vine and cute face.

A single player mobile game. Players start as a sprout that grows skywards in an endless vertical scrolling environment. Sprouts’ snake-like motion is controlled by tapping/holding the left or right side of the screen. The aim is to guide Sprout towards sunlight before coming to a halt. If the player catches a sunlight, the player receives a point and more energy to reach the next sunlight. If the player hits a vine, the score restarts and player must start all over again.

Sprout Up a title reflecting the concept – constantly move forward.


Download Android  – Out Now!

Download IOS – Out Now!

● Journey upwards and unlock Obstacles.
● Become a Champion Sprout upon unlocking all of the obstacles.
● Challenge other Champion Sprouts on the online high score!
● Grow!


Programmer & Artist
Daum Park

Angela Mao

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