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‘Macho Knight’ was made for Ludum Dare 31

Entire Game on One Screen, I interpreted the word screen as the definition for protection and shielding. You play as the mighty Macho Knight. Macho Knight only has one goal in mind, to protect his Lover from the Hooligans that are trying to kidnap her. You must use your mighty Macho Shield (machoman belt) to fling the hooligans off the fort!

How Long Will You Be Able To Defend Off The Hooligans?
Will You Be Able To Save Your One And Only Lover?
Will These Questions Stop?

Well, Find Out By Playing The Game!

Also Leave your highest score in the comments section below 😀

Right Mouse Click To Move Right
Left Mouse Click To Move Left

1. Enemies will fly further if they are hit whilst airborne
2. Boost off by facing in the opposite direction of your incoming enemies
3. Macho Knight’s shield can wear off enemies stamina, making them fall down to the ground (note: point not awarded)


  • Non-stop Hooligan mayhem
  • Simple Movement system
  • Lovely Plot
  • Pixel Art

Links To the Game

Click Here To Play

Ludum Dare Page


Coolness 100%
#130 Humor(Jam) 3.48
#146 Audio(Jam) 3.56
#170 Fun(Jam) 3.53
#199 Graphics(Jam) 3.88
#233 Overall(Jam) 3.55
#310 Theme(Jam) 3.75
#342 Mood(Jam) 3.27
#403 Innovation(Jam) 3.19



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