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LUPA is a game made for Hectic Game Jam #5(make a game in 48 hours) game. The theme was Alma Mater (Latin word for Nourishing Mother). You play as Lupa, a mother wolf trying to nurture two human babies Romulus and Remus by gathering food resources from the wild. Be prepared to fend off angry wildlife as well. Be quick! You only have 30 seconds to gather as much food as you can before a day is over. Feed the children well and see them grow up to be strong young men or starve trying.


  • Tap fast to collect food before time runs out!
  • Fight off angry snakes and bears!
  • Alternate endings based on how well you did.
  • Beautiful pixel art.

Links to the game
Download Here
Windows 8 Here

1st place out of 27 entries
Highest in Gameplay

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